Ocean City Does Not Recycle

The Town of Ocean City stopped recycling in 2009 when it started shipping waste 2-3 hours north to burn in the City of Chester, Pennsylvania, a textbook case of environmental racism. All other nearby cities and all beach resorts in the region recycle.

This shocking October 2020 interview shows every single Ocean City Council candidate stating that they refuse to reinstate “traditional recycling.” Note that they think incineration IS recycling, and that real recycling is “traditional recycling.”

Worcester County, Maryland (where the Town of Ocean City is) would take Ocean City’s recyclables free and offers a 15% discount on using the county’s landfill (as Ocean Cited used to) if they recycle.

Ocean City is pretty lonely in not recycling. Nearby towns and all of the major beach communities in the region offer recycling.

Learn about the alternatives Ocean City can take.